Microsoft Project Scorpio New details surface

By | January 24, 2017

Project Scorpio

At the end of this year, Microsofts Project Scorpio is set to launch the most powerful console of all time. Too many details on the technology were not known yet, but in a developer-designed “Whitepaper” document there are new concrete notes on the hardware of the console. And that means primarily the end for the controversial Esram the original Xbox One.

The document has Digital Foundry (DF), obtain the prestigious Technical Corner of Euro Gamer, in the fingers and analyzed it as meticulously as always. As expected, Project Scorpio is fully focused on 4K gaming, as you can see at the outset, but how is a “fascinating view of Microsoft’s ultra-HD plans,” said DF.

This means, above all, that ESRAM will be history with Project Scorpio. Actually the fast Esram should be explained simply as a kind of mediator act to slow DDR3 memory, so Microsoft wanted an advantage over the nominally more powerful PS4 create, worked really but does not.

Microsoft says ESRAM is still essential for Xbox One and Xbox One S, but Project Scorpio is a categorical solution (like on a PC). However, developers must also pay attention to ESRAM optimization in the future, since Microsoft Project does not allow Scorpio-exclusive games.

The technical details should be read in the analysis of Digital Foundry, but you have also found further references to the Project Scorpio hardware. Thus, the Whitepaper confirms the six TFLOPs GPU performance and the quad-amount of L2 cache.

The latter is an indication that the GPU architecture is based at least on AMDs Polaris. However, it is likely that Microsoft will use AMD to implement a custom design that already leverages Vega architecture features. DF speculates about other details, but the above is referred to as confirmed. As a conclusion one is with Eurogamer sure that Microsoft here prepares a “highly-capable 4K-candidate”

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